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La calidad del agua

A raíz de una foto de Polo en Flickr y de su post, he enviado el mail siguiente a la redacción del periódico The London Paper:

Dear Ms Anjlee Sheth,
I just read your answer to a reader that was concerned about drinking tap water in Spain and, since I live in Spain, think I can tell the following: you are not quite right when you say, and let me copy and paste "… you could catch cholera, hepatytisA and typhoid." I do not know from where you read this, and if the source of the information you have is a diligent one. I do know, though, that tap water in Spain is known to be quite good, although I must admit that depending the areas, taste might be slightly different, taste that you might like or not, but that’s all. And if you associate a weird taste to a low quality water that can infect you with diseases, I think your scientific method needs a serious revision. So please, next time, please try to do some little research about the facts in which your answer is based.
Nice read that might explain this better:

No creo que ni me respondan, pero lo a gusto que me he quedado. 😀

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